O2 Accompanying O1

To be eligible for an O-2 visa, you must:

  • Have a vital role in the central performance;
  • Have essential skills and a wealth of experience that is above average standards;
  • Have a committed professional association with the O-1 visa holder;
  • Must prove the possession of a foreign residence, which will not be abandoned. A specific date of exit should be specified;
  • Must gain a labor consultation from the Labor Organization stating that there are no American individual who can assist, and the foreign national is essential for the fulfillment of the O-1 visa holder’s work.

O-2 visa holder is permitted to stay as long as the set task is accomplished. The employer must file the petition on behalf of an O-2 visa applicant. The O-2 petition can be submitted on behalf of multiple foreign nationals. It should be filed with the O-1B petition unless unusual circumstances warrant filing it afterwards. Supporting evidence should include contracts, resumes and itinerary.

The consultation requirement is waived for certain positions that have no direct input into the creative aspects of a production or performance, and also in cases where there is no appropriate union, as with interpreters, music librarians and even artistic administrators.  It is best first to check with the unions to verify if they issue a consultation for a particular position.